I have always been creative and at University I gained a BA(hons) in Graphic Design. After graduating, I took several freelance jobs, before working in publishing for several years and then a charity for ten years. 
In the summer of 2019, with my family, I relocated to Edinburgh, Scotland. With no job to go to I saw this as a fresh start, and took a leap of faith, choosing to go full-time as a freelance graphic designer and printmaker. Since then, I have been focused on my screen printing practice. I am a member of Edinburgh Printmakers and print most days either in the studio or at home.
My work at the moment is based on geometric shapes and is very abstract. Playing with layering, joining edges together and turning the paper around until I like what I see. Printing like this allows me lots of options to experiment without having to re-expose screens, which I need the studio for.
I naturally tend to create graphic colourful designs. I have two young daughters who are a big influence on my work. My youngest is obsessed with rainbows, and our love for colour definitely shines through in my work. 
What's next for me? To keep making, playing with ideas, learning new techniques and growing in my practice.

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